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    Area Rugs serve a purpose

    It might sound strange, but rugs do serve a purpose in your home. They can be found in about every color, shape and size. Area rugs and oriental rugs are mainly used for style, but they have benefits too. Rugs are great for noise reduction by absorbing sounds, warmth, since hard flooring can be cold, and comfort, since it is much softer to walk on.

    Just like carpet needs maintenance, so do area rugs

    It is recommended to have your carpets and area rugs cleaned every 12-18 months, depending on the amount of use they get. Area rug cleaning can be done in home, or if you use our area rug cleaning services, we offer free pick-up & delivery. If rugs are on top of hardwood floors, it is normally recommended to have those cleaned elsewhere due to possible overspray on the hardwood. It is possible to have the rugs moved to another area in the home, that would be a safer place to clean them.

    How does cleaning area rugs differ from cleaning carpets?

    It mainly depends on what type of cleaning the manufacturer recommends. With area rugs, they have no padding underneath them, a lot of times they have colored fibers, which may or may not have dye blockers in them, and some are made of a tighter weave than the average carpet, which doesn’t provide the air flow of regular carpet fibers. We all want the best rug cleaning service available for our area and oriental rugs. Safe-Dry® of Alpharetta offers a free in-home quote and pre-test of your rug. At the time of the quote, it is decided by you and your technician, whether the area rug cleaning should be done in home, or at our rug cleaning warehouse, for the best results.

    Setting an appointment

    For appointments, please call 770-265-2344. Our receptionist will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Once you are ready to schedule, you will be given an exact appointment time to have a technician inspect your rug and quote you a price. We are prepared to take your rugs that day, if the price is agreeable. If we take your rugs that day, we will set another appointment for the return, normally a week later. Upon return, once you have approved your satisfaction of the area rug cleaning,your rug will be placed back where it was removed from. Your satisfaction is our priority!


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